We are a real estate development platform empowering people to design and purchase their dream homes.
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Design your own reality

We are building a self-service platform, where our customers will be able to create their dream home based on their desires.

Optimal location
Choose from one of the existing projects or suggest a new one.
Fully custom design
Work with our designer to design a home that fits your needs and lifestyle.
Have your say
Together with neighbour's make decisions about the common areas

We started Cubed because we saw an unfullfiled need

While developing residential buildings we understood that a lot of people want to be involved in the process of designing their homes and don't mind waiting longer for their custom-built real estate.

Timber frame

2-6 level buildings

High quality

We work with the best partners.

Experienced designers

We put customer needs first.

Best design practices

A well-thought-out interior design process to make your wishes come true. A planned, organized and coordinated approach ensures that builders and contractors fully understand each of our client's needs.

Sustainable buildings

Wood is carbon neutral therefore timber frame buildings are some of the most sustainable and innovative buildings today.

Our team

Eriks Kehris
Leonards Kalnins
Head of Architecture and Design
Davis Kolbergs
Head of Platform
Antra Kalnina
Product Manager
Gatis Gaumigs
Project Manager