Develop with the experts

Cubed combines construction, design, and financing know-how to unlock your land’s value potential.

Maximize the value of your land

We offer a range of services to help you make the most of your land.

Find you genuine buyers

We develop a vision, find and service all buyers, and provide them the opportunity to design customized condos.

Design full-scale projects

We create an entire design project and get it to the point where you can receive construction permits.

Provide sound framework

We provide our market-leading financial and legal framework to ensure project success and the best returns for your land and the whole project.

A partner you can trust

Our expert team consists of highly experienced real estate developers, architects, project managers, and financial consultants.

Why work with us? Cubed
Earn more than selling your land at market price
Simple, efficient, and lower-risk compared to DIY approach
Flexible payment options: cash or custom-made real estate

Ready start working with Cubed?

  1. Submit your land details

    Complete a short questionnaire about the land you’d like to develop.

  2. Receive an offer from us & sign Cooperation Agreement

    We’ll research your land and make you a cooperation offer and you will agree to post it on the platform for at least six months. You will choose one of the three service options that sets out the level of your involvement & returns. The Cooperation Agreement lays out all the details of your cooperation with Cubed.

  3. Follow the progress and get paid

    You will receive payment for your land when the project is approved and has reached 50% reservation.

Frame 109

Our current projects

Rīga - Center

Early housing price・3 500 €/m²
In planning

Rīga - Teika

New project・From 2 300 €/m²
In planning

Rīga - Āgenskalns - Baložu iela 21

Early housing price・2 700 €/m²
In planning

Valamiera - Center

New project・From 2 300 €/m²
In planning

Frequently asked questions

Got questions about Cubed? We’re here to help.

Who builds Cubed buildings?
We work with trusted construction partners and prefab factories to ensure the best quality, prices, and delivery times.
Can I participate in a project’s vision?
Absolutely! We bring our extensive experience to the table but are more than happy for you to pitch in suggestions and ideas.
What are my responsibilities in a project?
We offer three service options, which determine your level of involvement in a project. So this part is up to you!
When do I get paid?
While we can agree on specific terms, typically, 50% is paid upon project launch, and the other 50% is paid on completion.
How long does building construction take?
Projects from start to finish usually take around 2 years.
What happens if a project doesn’t have enough buyer commitment?
If a project doesn’t receive enough buyer commitment, we would then agree on one of the following actions: a) Project commitment date extension b) Change of project concept to target different buyers c) Cease project operations