Reservation level (50% required)

  • Status In planning
  • Estimated price 3 500 €/m²
  • Address Bruņinieku 14, Rīga
  • Project size 7 floors (12 condos)
  • Community amenities budget 150 000 €
  • Reservation fee 5 000 €
  • Expected completion date April 2025 (assuming 50% reservation by March 2023)
Next: Layout customization
Next: Layout customization

Key highlights

  • 12 condos incl. office & storage
  • Highly sought-after location
  • Uninterrupted views
  • Flexible condo layouts
  • Choice of building amenities
  • Premium sustainable development

Bruņinieku 14 is an investment poised for long-term growth with its heritage surroundings, sustainable design, and outstanding immediate amenities.

The opportunity

Situated in Riga’s vibrant Art Nouveau precinct, the Knight of Riga represents an unprecedented opportunity to live in one of Riga’s most sought-after city center locations – nestled among hundreds of years of history.

Designed in collaboration with MG architect Guntis Gabrovskis, the building has a high-quality, modern design with elements of traditional architecture to preserve the location’s historic character. 

The building features 12 condos across 7 floors (all with flexible layouts), a 319m2 basement and ground floor office space, a 310m2 cafe, and 9 storage units. And for the food-lovers, a modern restaurant will be located on the ground floor plus further social activities (currently in planning). 

Bruņinieku 14 is located in a low-density area complete with romantic wooden buildings, meaning each condo gets uninterrupted views of its wider surroundings. 

As for your immediate surroundings – these are up to you! Along with your neighbors, you get to choose which building amenities you’d like to enjoy with your new homes, such as an outdoor entertaining area.

Building features

The building combines elements characteristic of the area, such as traditional wooden architecture – plus more modern details like glass, metal, and LED lighting. Cubed has also collaborated with local communities and artists fromī Riboca and Dales Theater to create exceptional artworks for the building. 

Through the use of carefully selected materials and technologies, this project is designed to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint. And our sustainable building designs mean you get to save money in the long run through lower utility costs.


With the best shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants right at your doorstep, Bruņinieku 14 is truly in the heart of Riga’s city center. And with schools and kindergartens located very close by, this location has it all! 

In just 10 minutes (walking), you’ll find yourself in Riga’s Old Town – the pearl of the Latvian and European historical heritage. And you’re just a stroll away from historic parks and beautiful green spaces.

The Bruņinieku street bicycle path connects you to Riga’s city bicycle network, and several public transport links run along the neighboring streets. 

 Distances by transport:

  • Riga old town – 3 min
  • Airport – 20 min
  • Shopping mall Galeria Riga – 2 min
  • Grocery stores – 2 min
  • Riga State Gymnasium No.1 – 5min
  • Parks – 2 min
  • The New Riga Theater – 7 min

Project status

Reservation for Bruņinieku 14 has already begun. The building’s plans and initial permits have been approved, and we expect the building to be ordered with our factory partners in around 3 months’ time (once the building is 50% reserved). 

Because the building hasn’t been ordered yet, the customization possibilities for your new condo are limitless. We’ve prepared unique layout templates for the condos and commercial space, which you can completely customize. Plus, by joining the project from the start, you and your neighbors can collectively purchase upgrades for your common area amenities.

Assuming 50% reservation by October 2022, we expect the building to be delivered in 18-24 months.

With Cubed, not only do you get a home that’s built exactly the way you like it, but you get to enjoy living in a highly sustainable building amongst a community that you’ve helped to create.

Make your investment count by choosing CUBED.


  • This project features a category “A” energy efficient building, which means it qualifies for special finance offers from SEB & Swedbank: 


  • Interest rate up to 0.5% lower than the standard
  • Up to 30-year loan term
  • Down payment starting from just 15%
  • Free mortgage assessment

Estimated cost breakdown

  • 3 500 €/m² total cost:


  • ・1700 €/m² construction cost
  • ・100 €/m² amenities
  • ・400 €/m² land
  • ・ 350 €/m² platform fee
  • ・350 €/m² interior design (Standard)
  • ・600 €/m² tax

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